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Learn quick steps on working with Infoveave.

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1. Overview

Welcome to the Infoveave Quick Guide section! This guide is designed to provide you with a quick overview and steps for various aspects of Infoveave. Whether you are looking to connect and analyze data from different sources, design visually appealing Infoboards, create informative reports, or automate data processes, this Quick Guide will provide you with the essential steps to achieve your goals using Infoveave.

2. Quick Guide

In this Quick Guide, we have divided the content into four sections, each focusing on a specific area of Infoveave:

  1. Datasource Configuration:  In this section, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to configure and set up your Datasources in Infoveave. We will walk you through the process of connecting to different Datasources, such as databases, files, or web services, and configuring them to extract the required information for your analysis. For detailed information on creating Datasource in Infoveave go to Datasources.

  2. Infoboard Design: Here, we will guide you through the process of designing visually appealing and interactive and quick Infoboards in Infoveave. You will learn how to create and customize widgets, arrange them on the Infoboard canvas, apply filters, and enhance the overall user experience with dynamic interactions. Visit Infoboard designer for detailed explanation on how to create insightful insights in Infoveave. 

  3. Report Creation: This section focuses on creating insightful and informative reports in Infoveave. We will demonstrate how to generate interactive reports in quick steps using various visualization options, apply advanced calculations, incorporate data drill-downs, and customize the report layout to suit your specific requirements. To learn in detail on reports visit the section on Reports.

  4. Jobs Configuration:  In the Jobs Configuration section, we will cover the process of setting up and managing jobs in Infoveave . To learn how to schedule and automate data, configure tasks, as well as monitor job execution visit Jobs.

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