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1. Welcome to Infoveave Help!

We are here to support you on your Infoveave journey and ensure you have a seamless experience with our business intelligence and data automation tool. Whether you are new to Infoveave or looking to enhance your skills, this documentation provides valuable resources and guidance to assist you every step of the way.

2. What is Infoveave?

Infoveave is an advanced business intelligence platform designed to empower organizations with efficient data analysis and automation capabilities. It serves as a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates five core modules: Insights, Analysis, Automation, Studio, and Administration. These modules work to deliver a wide range of features and functionalities, enabling you to unlock the full potential of your data.

3. Quick Overview of Infoveave Modules

In Infoveave, you will find the five modules Insights, Analysis, Automation, Studio and Administration.

  • Insights

Insights allows you create new Infoboard to engage with your data. Insights list out all Infoboards you have created and those shared with you. Insights also get you all the reports created and those shared with you, with an option to download them. Explore more on the Insights module.

  • Analysis

The Analysis module offers you the functionalities like What-If Formula & Analysis to set the variables and formulas, based on the drive outcomes. The section also allows you to use Python programming language to analyze and visualize data and forecast future trends. It also helps you do statistical computations and identify data patterns. With ML-Modeler you may build an ML-model for your data using a query and then use ML Analysis to run that model. To learn more, click on Analysis.

  • Automation

Automation allows you to automate the process of job creation and scheduling, along with the option to chain the tasks. You can also set up the targets, thresholds and alerts on jobs and devices with a tracking option to check the variations from the original. Learn to create tasks and jobs under Automation.

  • Studio

You may create and manage your Datasources, Infoboards, reports, and media uploads in Studio. Use Studio to create SQL queries for specialized widgets and reports and build NGuage forms for collection and updating data. Understand more by reading the section on Studio.

  • Administration

Administration helps you manage the users and the user context along with the address book. Create custom holiday calendars to define the annual holidays. Access the Audit Logs and Control center from here. Read the documentation on Administration to learn and explore more. You can gain knowledge on managing the data base connections, setting custom SMPT settings and configuring custom emails. 

4. Infoveave User Roles

The functionality of Infoveave is defined by the role assigned to you, whether you are a decision maker or an analyst.

  • As a decision maker, your role typically grants you Viewer access in Infoveave. This allows you to review insights presented on shared Infoboards, examine other shared elements, and perform simulations as needed.
  • If you possess the necessary skills to evaluate data and extract insights, you are a Studio user. In this role, you have the ability to perform various tasks, including:
    • Creating Datasources: You can establish connections to different datasources within Infoveave, enabling the platform to retrieve and analyze data from multiple locations.
    • Creating Dashboards: Utilizing Infoveave’s intuitive interface, you can design interactive dashboards incorporating a wide range of visual elements such as graphs, charts, tables, and maps.
    • Generating Reports: Infoveave empowers you to generate detailed reports that consolidate and present data in a structured manner. You have the flexibility to customize the reports according to your specific requirements.
    • Automating Jobs: Infoveave enables you to automate repetitive tasks by creating Robotic Process Automation (RPA) jobs. These automated jobs can streamline data processing, data transformation, and other routine operations.
    • Upload Data: Easily upload your data into Infoveave, allowing you to access and analyze it within the platform.
    • Customize Widgets: Tailor the widgets in Infoveave to suit your specific requirements, enabling you to present data in a visually appealing and informative manner.
    • Perform SQL Queries: Utilize SQL queries to extract and analyze data, enabling advanced data analysis and exploration.
    • Execute Statistical Analysis and Advanced Analytics: Infoveave offers capabilities for statistical analysis and advanced analytics, allowing you to model scenarios, set goals, and gain deeper insights into your data.

By leveraging these functionalities, Infoveave empowers you to make data-driven decisions, gain valuable insights, and effectively analyze your data based on your assigned role within the platform.

User Role
Details and Features

The Studio user can create and manage:

    • Datasources
    • SQL Queries
    • NGuage forms and NGuage Agents
    • Widgets
    • Infoboards
    • Reports
    • Analysis Workbench (WhatIf, Data Mining, Machine Learning, SciPyR)
    • Custom Maps
    • Thresholds and Alerts
    • Jobs & Tasks
    • Administration


The Viewer based on what has been shared by the studio user has the access to

    • View and interact with the Infoboards
    • What-If Analysis
    • SciPyR Workbooks
    • Machine Learning models
    • Alerts and Notifications
    • Reports
    • Chart Customization and Annotation
    • Profile Customization.

5. Accessing Infoveave: Login

  1. To access your Infoveave, click the URL provided while signing-up with Infoveave.
  1. Enter your login credentials in the appropriate fields. 
  2. Upon successful login, you will land on the Springboard.
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