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1. Overview

Insights now offers a dynamic layout that showcases Infoboards, Reports, and Lists, allowing you to understand data in a more structured and organized manner. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to navigate and utilize the Infoveave Insights module effectively:
  1. Accessing Infoveave Insights:
    • Look for the Insights option in the Infoveave menu.
    • Click on the Insights to access the Insights module.
      • The Insights menu expands as a dropdown.
  1. Navigating the Insights Module:
    • Upon entering the Infoveave Insights module, you will see a categorization of your contents into My Organization and My Workspace.
      • My Organization typically includes all the Infoboards, Reports and Lists that are accessible to users within your organization.
      • My Workspace refers to your specific workspace to hold all the Infoboards, Reports and Lists created by you.
  1. Viewing contents in folders:
    • Infoboards, reports, and lists that are arranged within folders will be displayed within their respective folders in the Infoveave Insights module.
    • Clicking on a folder will display its assets in the main viewing area of the Insights module.
  1. Infoboards, reports, or lists that are not placed within any specific folder will be visible under:
    • Shared with Me section in the My Organization tab.
    •  Created by Me section in the My Workspace tab.
  1. You may also use the search bar to view any specific Infoboard, Report, or List with ease.

2 Infoboard Tab View

The Tab View Option will align all the Infoboards in a particular folder as separate tabs.

To access the Tab View, follow the below steps.

  1. Click on Insights under the Infoveave menu.
  2. Look for the specific Infoboard folder to convert to Tab view.
  3. Click on the Open As Tabs icon, to switch to the tabbed layout. It is typically positioned close to the folder name.
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