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Version 8.1.0

We bring onboard a new set of dynamic and powerful widgets to enhance Infoveave data visualization capabilities.

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Released on: October 2023

New Features

  • Widgets
      • We bring onboard a new set of dynamic and powerful widgets to enhance Infoveave data visualization capabilities. The new widgets include:
        • Signal Indicator Widget
        • Progress Ring/Bar Widget
        • Theme river Chart
        • Bubble Line Chart
        • Table with Summary
        • Segment Widget
  • Machine Learning (ML) Model
      • The distinction between ML Modeller and ML Analysis in the previous version has been dissolved, and now offers a unified platform called ML Modeller for both modeling and analysis. 
  • SciPyR
      • We introduce a significantly improved SciPyR module, providing advanced analytics capabilities with intuitive user interface. The new release allows the incorporation of Infoveave queries to your SciPyR analysis.


  • Table Widget Enhancements
      • The Table widget undergoes significant improvements and introduce the option for text wrapping. The new enhancement gives you the ability to wrap text within the table cell.
  • Job Mini-Map
      • The Job Mini map introduces dynamic panning and zooming capabilities. You can now efficiently navigate through the configured job, enhancing your overall workflow efficiency with working with large and complex job structures.
  • Insights Menu
      • Elements within the Insights menu is alphabetically sorted. This allows you to locate and access specific elements with Insights with ease, eliminating the need of a manual search or scroll.
  • Job Editor
      • The Job Editor now allows to view and edit task configurations details directly within the Job configuration. The feature eliminates the need for additional navigation to the Tasks.

  • Widget Enhancement
      • Calendar Widgets:
        • Calendar Widgets now handle retrieving data at the day level, offering improved granularity and precision in your time-based visualizations.
      • Legend Formatting in Pie and Parallel Axis Charts:
        • Legends in Pie and Parallel Axis Charts now support formatting, ensuring a visually polished presentation.
      • Multi-Measure Chart Improvements:
        • Multi-Measure Charts now properly support log axes, enhancing their utility for multiple data analysis scenarios.
  • Share Sheet Improvement
      • Share Sheet now displays Full Name and Email for enhanced usability, streamlining collaboration.
  • Inline Editable NGuage Forms
      • NGuage Forms now support inline editing, enhancing user flexibility in data entry interactions.

  • Address Book Validation
      • Address Book now validates upload formats more effectively, reducing errors in data entry.

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