Manage Infoveave Users with Infoveave Administration module. You can create or add new users, unlock & reset users, and add delete users. 

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1. Overview

Infoveave Administration module helps you to manage the Infoveave Users. You can create or add new users, unlock & reset users, and add delete users. 

2. Create Users

Steps to Create Users

  1. To add a User in Infoveave, click on Administration Users.
    • All Users created by you will be displayed under the tabs Users.
  1. Select the appropriate Role for the new user.
    • Choose the User role based on the Infoveave license version.
      • In the SAAS version of Infoveave, there are two primary roles available:
        • Studio: This role is designed for users who require access to various features for creating, managing, and analyzing data, such as designing Infoboards, generating reports, and performing analysis.
        • Viewer: The Viewer role is intended for users who need to access and view data, Infoboards, and reports but do not require the full set of features available to Studio users.
      • In the Enterprise version of Infoveave, the system administrator has the flexibility to create custom roles based on the specific features required for different roles within the organization.
  2. Enter the user’s credentials and information in the following fields:
    • User Name: Provide a unique username for the new user.
    • First Name: Enter the user’s first name.
    • Last Name: Enter the user’s last name.
    • Email: Input the user’s email address.
  3. Use the Clone User feature to replicate the roles and permissions of an existing user to the new user (if required).
  4. Select the Datasources from the available list that you want the new user to access.
    • Click the  icon to share the selected Datasource with the user.
    • To remove a specific Datasource from the shared list, choose the Datasource and click the  icon.
  5. Apply dimension filters to control what data the new user can see (if required).
    • Click on Add Filter and choose a Dimension from the shared Datasources under Context.
    • Select the Conditional Filter: “is,” “is not,” “in,” or “not in.”
    • Select the specific Value for the conditional filter.
  6. Click on the Save button to create the new user account with the assigned role, Datasource access, and dimension filters.

3. Lock and Unlock Users

Infoveave allows you to Lock or Unlock Users. The feature helps you to lock any User from accessing Infoveave over particular reasons. If a user attempts to log in multiple times with an incorrect password, their account may become locked as a security precaution. The Unlock User option in Infoveave allows you to manage and clear such locked account activities. 

To modify a Lock/Unlock User in Infoveave, follow these steps:
  1. Find the specific User that you want to Lock/Unlock.
  2. To lock or unlock a user,click on the Lock/Unlock  /  icon associated with the User.

4. Reset Password

Infoveave allows the users to Reset Password, ensuring the security and accessibility of user accounts. Here are the steps on how to reset a user’s password in Infoveave:

  1. Locate the specific user that you want to reset the password.
  2. Click on the Reset Password    option associated with the user.

5. Edit Users

Edit Roles to ensure that they reflect and meets your evolving requirements.

To modify a User in Infoveave, follow these steps:

  1. Find the specific user that you want to edit.
  2. Click on the Edit icon associated with the user.
  3. After making the necessary modifications, click on the Save button to save your edit.

6. Delete Users

To delete a User in Infoveave, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find the User you want to delete.
  2. Choose the deletion method.
  3. Decide whether you want to permanently delete the user or transfer their content to another user.
    • Permanent Delete: If you choose to permanently delete the user, follow these steps:
      • Select the Permanently Delete option.
      • Confirm the deletion by clicking Yes.
      • The user’s account and associated content will be permanently removed from Infoveave.
    • Transfer to Another User: If you want to transfer the user’s content to another user before deleting, follow these steps:
      • Select the Transfer to Another User option.
      • A drop-down menu will appear, allowing you to select the user to whom the content should be transferred. Choose the appropriate user from the list.
      • Click Yes to confirm.
      • The user’s content will be transferred to the selected user, and then the original user’s account will be deleted.
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