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Infoveave Administration module helps you govern and control your organizational and system-level settings. The administration module allows you to manage and define users and create custom roles. You can also manage audit log, smtp settings, custom calendar, database connections and cache control among others.

Table of Contents

1. Overview

Infoveave Administration module manages all your Infoveave-related activities. It will let you govern and control your organizational and system-level settings on how Infoveave works. The administration module hands you the power to manage the users and define the user roles. Under administration, you can manage the Infoveave audit log, default settings, and control center.

The administration modules also offer other functionalities like configuring the holiday calendar and custom calendar. It is considered as a key module of Infoveave that helps set up the initial organizational drive. 

2. Infoveave Administration

The Administration module helps you manage:

  • Roles & Users
  • Audit Logs
  • Address Books
  • Custom Calendar
  • Holiday Calendar
  • Control Center
  • Roles & Users: This section cover actions related to managing users and the user context.
  • Audit Logs:  Audit Log is a feature offered by Infoveave which shows all activities or actions.
  • Address Books: Store and group all your necessary contacts with the Address Books.
  • Custom Calendar: Manage a custom calendar to meet the date requirements requested. 
  • Holiday Calendar: Set up your Holiday Calendar as required for the tasks, jobs and queries.
  • Control Center: Manage the Control Center to monitor the health of the server and Datasource.

Control Center

The Infoveave Control Center manages and monitors the Infoveave server

Custom Calendar

A Custom Calendar is a unique feature of Infoveave allow

Audit Logs

Audit Log is a feature offered by Infoveave that details

Holiday Calendar

The Holiday Calendar get you the option to specify the

Address Book

Address Book give users an option to manage their information


Manage Infoveave Users with Infoveave Administration module. You can create


Infoveave Roles allows you to create custom roles, finely control

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